Iceland Photographers - On Tour

Couple walks around Kalfshamarsvik Lighthouse in northern Iceland at sunset
Iceland,glacier,blue,cave,ceiling,clear,crystal,eco-tourism,glacial,glacier,ice,ice cave,icecave,melting,otherworldly,photographer...
New Years 2014 celebrations in Reykjavik
Photographer captures rainy Icelandic scene amognst moss-covered rocks
New Years 2014 group photo under Auroras
People walk along the shore of Lake Myvatn in northern Iceland in Autumn
Farmhouse on a dreary day in northern Iceland
Fjalljökull,Fjalljökull glacier,Iceland,blue,cave,ceiling,clear,crystal,glacial,glacier,ice,ice cave,icecave,melting,otherworldly...
Group photo from March 2014 winter tour
Photographer captures an Autumn scene in the Myvatn region, Iceland